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Horizon International Petrochemical Co. with an objective to supply equipment and provide high quality services to the diverse sectors in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries within the gulf region.

We supply our clients high quality, latest technology of engineering products, materials, chemicals and services to the ever growing on shore and offshore Oil & Gas, petrochemical industries, Hydro carbon Power/water sectors in the United Arab Emirates. The company has evolved itself over the years and is now a full-fledged general trading house with an emphasis on supply & service to diverse sectors of the industry. The company’s objective is to offer clients international expertise for local products, and ensure reliable excellence in infrastructure and projects.


Taking into consideration the unique requirements of the Oil & Gas Industry, we have systematically developed a product portfolio. In addition, considerable level of stock is maintained in order to cater to the unforeseen, urgent and shutdown requirements of the market. The after sales services we provide are clear value addition to our overall offerings.